Professional Headshots | Mary Kay Event

Last weekend my awesome assistant and I traveled to the far land of Anaheim (that was drenched in sarcasm because Anaheim is right next door, in case you missed that), to take professional portraits and head shots at the Mary Kay Dream Studio during their Spring Fling Event. It was a long day full of portraits, pampering sessions, make-overs, education and lots of wonderful women.

Aubz and I set up in the corner of one of the rooms and photographed headshots for women after they were all done up. It was fantastic! Not only because I love shooting portraits and working with women, but because these women were different. These women were all about empowering other women and working hard towards their own personal unlimited success stories. It was really great to be in the midst of such motivated women all day long.

If you haven’t experienced Mary Kay’s skin care products, let me know, girl! I’ll hook you up with a consultant and you can get going on flawless skin for the rest of your life. Or if you’re interested in a career opportunity, I think the Mary Kay vision is superb. I don’t have much personal experience with either, but it’s a product and company I fully respect.

And because every blog post is better with a visual aid, here’s a few headshots of some of the fab women…






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