A Mindful Moment Rising with the Sun

As the sun began to creep its way to our SoCal sky line this morning, I stared out of my AA 2A window in awe. Los Angeles still glittered with its tungsten night lights in the darkness of a restless weekend. But as our plane climbed over the Pacific, the horizon had its own orange gleam that grew brighter and lighter by the minute.

The pilot swung left and down and around our Orange County we went. I gazed over Newport and John Wayne, then up the 55 to my own Orange and through the canyon of my favorite Laguna as the land brightened to blue and green.

I thought more than once to grab my camera that was accessibly stowed under the seat in front, but couldn’t seem to tear my eyes from the scene. It was truly magnificent watching the colors change then seeing the sun beam at me as we shared the same sky. Sometimes, I thought, moments need to be just mine.

And what a way to start a journey. My family and I took off this morning for the first family vacation we’ve planned since I was 14. I’m looking forward to sharing a beautiful trip with the three most important adults in my life. I’m excited to experience a culture that feels so close to home yet comes from a country so far away. I’m anxious to create some new images with such stunning landscapes to come.

But right now I’m happy to bid ado to my home dear SoCal with such a mindful moment, rising with the sun.

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