A love/hate relationship

I’ve struggled with social media for awhile now. Something about ‘the world’ knowing where I’m at and what I’m doing in the moment makes me kinda feel, well, not in the moment.

I do love sharing and I do love connecting and the fact that we have this amazing ability to reach our communities and beyond in such direct and intimate ways is still astounding to me. But something about it, something about the daily updates and posts and live look into my life makes me wanna, I duno, draw the shades.

While I continue to battle this love/hate relationship with social media, it should be known that I do like sharing but typically it’s not ‘instant.’ I prefer to be present and focused on the life that unfolds before me instead of pausing to caption and post. Most of my posts are not posted the day they happened but rather a few or more later.

So anyway, there’s that. There will also be lots of photographs from many beautiful moments in Italy coming your way soon. Like this magical moment under the moon light in Rome. Get ready to ‘like’ that shit.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetPINME

pictured under the moonlight in Rome


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