Just for Me

I don’t shoot for fun enough. Now, let me clarify, almost always, every day, in most every way, shooting is fun for me. I love what I do. But I don’t do it just for me enough. I suppose I should rephrase my first thought as, I don’t shoot for me enough.

You see, shooting is fun. Extremely! But when I get back here, to the desk, to the office, to The Control Center, there are always other things waiting for me. Then more things that constantly come in for me. Proposals and contracts to send out. Forms to file. Images to edit. Emails to answer. Phone calls to make. IMAGES TO EDIT. Etc, etc. So looking through something personal, working just for me, always gets tossed to the bottom of the list.

I’ve always had a folder called ‘Just for Me’ in my PHOTOS folder. Lately, it’s remained quite empty.

So as I’ve stumbled across an emptiness in my creative satisfaction level today, I think it’s time to start putting more in the Just for Me folder. It’s time to start logging more hours just for me. It’s time to start spending more energy creating just for me.

Here’s a moment a few weeks ago where I looked up and it clicked, just for me.

destination wedding photographer www.lovatoimages.comPINME

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  • September 16, 2011 - 3:09 pm

    Jeff B. - beautiful composition albeit an unusual choice of subject matter; maybe u could share w/us (ur loyal fans), some of ur personal photos – thanking u in advance….

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