On Blogging and More Helping to Come

I have a couple blog posts-to-be in the queue and honestly am slightly overwhelmed by them right now. Blogging tends to eat a lot of time, and while I LOVE writing and love displaying my new images for people to see, I can’t help but wonder, is all this time spent worth it?

Of course it is. It is in many ways of course, beyond my simple marketing strategy or need to release fresh content. I LOVE to write. So a big part of this blog is a fulfillment of that creative outlet that I didn’t even realize before needed nurturing. I LOVE to share. So a big part of this blog is just putting myself out there and the tid-bits I’ve gathered and nuggets I’ve received and sharing them in hopes that others can utilize them too. I LOVE to learn. And so a big part of this blog is reflecting on what I’ve taken in and spitting in back out in hopes that others can learn from it too.

So, instead of formatting images for the web today, watermarking and tagging, instead of telling a story about Hannah or Damian and Vanessa or Brittany, I’ll just stick with this little story about me for now. And how I love to write. And how I love to blog, even on days when blogging seems too big of a task. And if you’re reading this, thank you. And even if you’re not, thank you anyway. I’m so thankful I have an outlet like this to express myself. It’s helped. And I look forward to more helping to come.

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