Oh to be Lonely, Oh to be Alone

I was forwarded this blog today by a good friend, and the post was so profound and pertinent today, I had to share:

“I heard someone suggest that the word lonely is a synonym for the word alone.  While I understand the connection, I have to disagree.  I think there is a world of difference between the meanings.

We all know people who do not know how to be alone…they spend their lives avoiding the state.  To be alone requires (to my mind at least) a level of comfort with oneself and a fair amount of bravery.  Being alone can be tremendously satisfying if one has developed a strong sense of purpose and self.  Being alone can allow the waters to still long enough to see reflections in the pool.  Being alone allows for quiet in a world that has no volume control.

Lonely is another beast altogether.  Lonely separates and divides. Lonely creates envy and ache.  Lonely shortens lives and feeds fear. Lonely can often be temporarily remedied with a kind word and an afternoon of conversation…a long walk and a meal shared.  It is generally something to avoid in large doses.

But alone is a condition that we humans must try embrace somehow along the way.  For as sure as the sun rises, even in the midst of the crowd or family, we will find ourselves alone in this life and we must choose to cultivate and plow or settle in for a bout of lonely.”

Head over to Snakeskin Journey and check out this wonderful woman’s work.

And to illustrate, an image you might have seen before, but it’s so relevant, I have to share again…oh, to be lonely, oh to be alone

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