What’s your WHY?

A friend sent me this link today and after having a listen, I asked her what her WHY is. Simon Sinek has a great point that, we as entrepreneurs, business owners, workers, people, need to know our WHY in order to be really successful at anything.

So after talking about her WHY for awhile, I said, I know what my WHY is…and then it went something like this…

i know my why exactly

and what is it?

i like to make people feel good. i like people to see the beauty i see. i like to share with people.
i do what i do for those reasons mostly.
one hour
is what i get
and people have FUN w me. people feel awesome when i tell them they look awesome. people get excited when i get excited. and vice versa. people feel beautiful bc of the way i shoot them. and i get to take and give….share both ways…i get some of them, give them some of me.
it’s the best. and all done usually in one hour.


and even tho i’m not making millions
i dont really care
id like to


but i get to set my own schedule. i’m able to pay my bills. i can buy food and wine and share it w my friends. i love what i do, for the most part.
i think the money will follow
i mean, i gotta work at it. at that. but it’s not my WHY.
“i like to make people feel good. i like people to see the beauty i see. i like to share with people.”
that’s WHY.

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  • December 7, 2011 - 4:33 pm

    Your Butterfly - One thing is for sure… you are extremely good at accomplishing your WHY! And, it’s a great WHY to have!

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