Inspired to Just Be

Sometimes inspiration just hits you, like a slap across the face that stings so bad you can’t help but gape wide eyed back at its hand. You pause momentarily, stunned by the thoughts that race in swirls around you. You blink. Then you pull out your medium immediately and create.

Other times you stare blankly at a page for hours with crap spewing here and there from your finger tips. You wipe, erase, back space your way back to the blank. And sit with nothing again.

Writing is both of those extremes for me, and everything between. I experience life through my words on a keyboard. I understand myself more through my ink on paper. Sometimes a fire is sparked instantly like a clap or a slap and I write and write and write. Sometimes I sit lifeless in the cold.

This morning I got hit. And instead of sitting to write or picking up my camera to capture, I walked outside with a cup of coffee and stood in the sun. Its warmth graced my cheeks as the breeze reminded me that hey, it’s December today. Last month of the year. Last month to wrap up. Last month to do everything I haven’t yet gotten done. Or not.

I stood with the thoughts swirling, my coffee curing those heavy eyelids I felt earlier and I focused on existing. I was present. I was free. Even if for just that one moment, I was inspired to just be.


Aaaaand if you’re wondering what it was that hit me, head over to Liz’s blog to read the story. Heart her and her insight. Hard.

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