Daisy Do be Do

paraphrased #repost from @herlovelyimages :::

Inspiration comes in many forms. One of the most intriguing of forms, to me, is other humans.

I love humanity. I was hit with an important message yesterday about slowing down and remaining present. Humanity is so complex it’s important to just be sometimes.

I was stoked to get to just Be and do and do be do be do with Daisy last month. When I think of intimacy, I first think of opening yourself up to another. Daisy does that every damn day. On stage some days, but quietly on a comfy couch with a friend on others. She’s a gem and I am inspired by the intimacy she reveals in her music, and amazingly, during a portrait session* with yours truly.


*all images shot on Fujifilm Superia 400 35 mm. except for the last two shots: expired Kodak Portra 100 120.




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