Today I awoke with more love in my heart than I’ve ever known. How did I get so lucky? Why did God choose me to bestow such blessings? What am I to do with all this abundance?

As my cup overfloweth, I crouch to wipe up the spill. I glance at my reflection and give thanks for all the Light I see. You see, it’s His Light, not mine, that shines. And I owe it all to Him.

I look back on 2015 and breathe deeply as the memories swirl around me. I pick them up in my hands and some of them stay awhile, while others blow off gently in the wind. Like snowflakes, each unique and beautiful on its own. But when put together, they create mounds and mountains of memories that blanket my life in beauty.

Thank you, 2015. Thank you, You, dear reader. Thank you Creator. Ya’ll have been way too good to me.

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