Sarah and John’s San Francisco Ferry Building Wedding

San Francisco Ferry Building Wedding

Her red lips were set, her dress zipped. His bow tied, shoes shined. Sarah and John were ready.

They met outside the Ferry Building in San Francisco before their wedding that Saturday and smiled and snuggled in the December chill. This was the moment they’d be waiting for since that first rainy night they met a few years ago. Neither knew it at the time, but this was the forever love they’d both been searching for. Fortunately the rain stayed away this day.

They stood surrounded by their dearest as they exchanged vows and committed to a lifetime of partnership, devotion and love. The historic building whispered tales of romance and adventure as the classy affair unfolded and the couple celebrated their new life together. I know Sarah and John are, but the world just might not be ready for all the beauty these two will create. I know I am. And so are their family and friends. Thanks for sharing it with us, Mr. and Mrs. Engers. Cheers to you!



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