squeezing toothpaste

someone asked me recently if i was a top squeezer or bottom squeezer with my toothpaste. or a random squeezer roller? to which i responded ‘i’m a middle even squeezer.’ he didn’t really understand so i tried to further explain. ‘no, no roll.’ but i don’t think he really got it.

which has got me thinking, why do people worry so much about how others do? does it make a difference? why is it that we care?

our situations are all so diverse and complex in entirely different ways. so when someone squeezes their toothpaste from the top, what warrants a raised eyebrow from the dude who squeezes from the bottom? what difference does it make? we’re all different. differently. so there’s really no justice in judging one another and our differences. right? because everyone’s teeth differ!

that’s why they use dental records, ya know. no two are the same.

so. before i ramble off on this random tangent too much, i think my point is that we judge too much. i’m totally interested in the things people do, and think our differences do matter. but ultimately, our brows are too often raised too high. we judge too much.

so when you go to brush your teeth later today, take a moment to reflect on someone you’ve placed judgement on recently. then let it go. squeeze it out. it’ll do us all some good.

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