Minding the Moment

I’m off again today. Headed to Houston for a week of HOT shooting. And by hot I mean, temperatures and humidity beyond my little spoiled soCal belief.

I’ll be shooting four days straight and thank the Lord Almighty that it’ll all be indoors. I went to Texas a few months back and booked this business for this hot summer month and all the Texans warned me of the crazy extreme heat. Like, sticky-uncomfortable-sweat-buckets heat. I’m a little scurred honestly.

But I’ll rock it! I got my boots packed up and my gear tied tight, I know I’m going to enjoy this flight! Because to me, travel is vital. Travel is unraveling. Travel is establishing. No matter how small or large of a trip, it’s always a trip. I see more of the world, carry less of those silly stigmas, and stay focused on moments. Because that’s what life really is about: being mindful to stay present and savor each moment. Whether you’re shooting a group portrait of 45 on the 10th floor overlooking downtown Houston, or you’re sitting at a checker clothed table sipping wine outside in Rome, it’s important to be present in each moment. Travel helps me remember that. Even if I have to mind the moment where I drip sweat walking to my car, I’ll take it.

God bless Texas. Glory to God for all my amazing moments!


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enjoying a moment after work in Rome, Italy, October 2011


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