Take the Key, Take the Time

As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged much in the past few weeks. This is because business has been cuh-RAY-zee. I had 22 shoots at 22 locations in 10 days and between shooting, taking care of my clients, editing and trying to live my life all at the same time, I honestly haven’t had much time for blogging. Forgive me.

And to elaborate on craziness and the forgiveness that often needs to be included, I’ve got to take a moment to speak about the greatest teacher on the subject I’ve ever known: my mother.

Yesterday she turned a page, closed a chapter, and started a new. I went over after the craziness of our days had settled and we shared a drink and caught up on our recent life adventures. She spoke little of herself, and asked question after question, more interested in me and my story than reveling in the 6 decades of her own.

I felt bad for not making more time for her or something more special on her birthday, but she quickly assured me the celebration would be this weekend when the whole family was together. Not to worry. I’m not worried.

A few months ago she talked to me about this birthday, and told me she was ready to do more for herself. She’s ready to worry less about what others think and concentrate more on being comfortable and happy herself. And I really hope she’s ready for that and willing to actually do it. You see, my mother is the most selfless, gracious, giving, generous and loving woman I’ve ever known. She gives and gives and gives and I know the riches she carries go deeper than the fattest bank account or the most precious stone. But I hope she slows down and takes time for herself throughout the next several decades, in the midst of all life’s craziness. I hope she wears her most comfortable shoes in the miles she’s still to walk. Then I hope she takes them off at the end of the day and relaxes without worry. Because LIFE.IS.GOOD. It can get crazy, but keeping your head and heart calm are the key. So take it, Mom, take the key, take the time, take the forgiveness with you… and go on with your awesome self. YOU are amazing. And I promise I’ll try to slow down too.

Happy, HAPPY, Birthday.


orange photographerPINMEorange photographerPINME


pictured on Santorini, Greece, September 2012

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