…who need the extra light

I read this blog post on depression and self hurt [yesterday] and it put a dent in my evening. Not because it made me rueful or melancholy, but because it made me feel liberated and inclined to share this feeling of freedom with others.

I immediately emailed the post to my friend in Iowa. She’s the closest I’ve ever been to depression, and knowing her over the years has opened my eyes and understanding levels to the realization that I don’t understand it at all. I’ve seen her so sick at times, so shaken other times, so consumed in her darkness that the Light I see inside her is hard to find. Her bright blue eyes have become oceans of black, and I know she struggles so hard sometimes just to keep on swimming.

Depression is a dangerous thing. Those of us who don’t have it, don’t get it. And my experience with my friend has taught me how little I really know about the depths of the disease.

My point of this post, like The Bloggess’ is not to bring a downer into your day but rather, to share the rays of Light. The Bloggess, along with my friend and many, many others are fighters. Some days the battles are too overwhelming for them and drowning might seem easier. But other days, they win. Little victories here and there, everywhere, and they’re able to let the Light seep back in. We should all be proud. We should all shine together, even the ones who are only out of the shadows for moments at a time.

People needn’t be ashamed of nor averse to depression. More people need to be mindful of it. That way, we can celebrate the daily victories together. And that way, we can relish in the Light together. As awareness is spread about our brothers and sisters who suffer, I believe more and more hearts will be lifted.

And what are we here for really, other than to help others? I know when I’m low, I get high with a little help from my friends. So even though my understanding of depression is still limited, at least I’m aware. And I’m free to let my love shine brighter for my brothers who fight the daily fight and who need the extra light.



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  • February 22, 2012 - 1:12 pm

    Amy - Thank you for this post. One of the things the last year has taught me is you never know what battles those around you are engaged in.

    Thanks for the reminder to be mindful and to act in love.

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