Trying Times Like These

It was 9pm and I was driving away from Wattle Creek. I had just wrapped a fantastic family portrait session in Oakland, tasted some wine with a friend, and was on my way to retire for the evening before a 4:30am wake up to head to Stockton. My body was tired, my heart was warm, and I was ready to rock the next day of work on the road.

Then my car started to make an insane sound I had never heard an engine make before. I immediately pulled over and began the 4 hour journey of dealing with a dying vehicle. I was 400 miles from home, 70 miles from my sunrise gig, car-less and feeling like a beat up boat with zero wind for my sails.

Fortunately like I somehow always do, I figured it out and was able to rock the rest of my work scheduled that weekend and have some fun along with it. I’m not going to get into all the crazy details, but if you follow me on Twitter, you know it was an insane 36 hours.

It’s trying times like those that always force me to stop and appreciate all my blessings. I’m one of those people that bites off more than she can chew, and I usually figure out how to chew it along the way. But it can be stressful! and not making sure my vehicle was in top condition before I took off on a 900 mile, 7 city, 5 gig tour certainly created stress. It made me place a much higher value on my car and my friends and my freedom and stop to give thanks for it all…

Especially thankful for the experience of climbing through a barbed wire fence and running with 30 pounds of gear to the top of a hill to catch the sun rising over my clients’ property…definitely a bonus moment I’ll never forget.


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