Tips for Shooting Aerial Photography

A few weeks ago a new client hired me to do some property photography, from the air. Jackie’s first helicopter ride, wooo!!!

It’s so wonderful that my career has presented so much opportunity to try new things. Whenever a friend or contact confides that they are discouraged by their job and some lack of challenge or lack of potential for growth, I can’t help but shoot up a quick prayer of gratitude. I’m so thankful that my work at building a business and developing my photographic style is never ending and consistently creating positive change. I get to experience new things and learn more and develop every day. It’s fabulous and I am incredibly blessed.

So a few things I learned about shooting aerial photography:

1. Thank God every moment you think to; helicopters are amazing machines and it’s a gift to be able to fly.

2. Ensure you have all your gear and back up gear; there’s no running to the car for an extra battery once you’re up.

3. Use a high shutter speed to negate camera shake; it’s unsteady up there!

4. Keep a barf bag handy; people are known to get motion sickness.

5. Don’t puke in the wind.

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