Orange County Wedding Photographer – Morning Of

Mornings of a wedding go something like this:

• snooze alarm for 20 minutes (usually it’s 40-60, so you can tell I’m motivated today)

• brew fresh coffee + fresh cup with soy milk

• water plants

• review gear that I prepped the night before, charge another battery or two

• sit at computer, monitor happenings of the last night/morning, review, respond, surf, consume

• refill on the coffee (indeed, happening right now, brb)

• more computerage, review itinerary for day

• bomb diggity breakfast

• walk with poodle puff

• shower, dress

• zip up gear, load to car

• go time

So sometimes another cup of coffee is involved…sometimes lunch depending on my start time…sometimes a titch of editing or extra hour at the computer I need to put in. But usually…it’s all about getting ready for their big day.

So I’ll be shooting about 11 hours today. Plus the prep time this morning and last night. So when I take a Thursday afternoon off and lay at the beach while I make my phone calls and strategize new marketing efforts…I don’t ever feel bad. I feel balanced. I feel relaxed. And slightly tan.

Happy Saturday, folks!


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