The Real Competitor Part 2 : Combat That!

Follow up to the Competitor [guest post[ by the amazing Robb Davidson:

…So how the HECK are you going to control this [infiltration of guest-photographers at your wedding]???
At a 100% level: you can’t. We can’t avoid the age we live in with cell phones, iPads, and millions of digital cameras. HOWEVER, you can make them more aware of how that can affect you as a couple.  I would suggest three different things…you can do one, or all three if you wanna go really bonkers.

1. A little note in your invitations.

Just drop a little love note that there will be a professional photographer to capture the memories for you. Leave the camera at home, please.

2. A Cute sign upon entering the Ceremony site

Being creative with decor is soooo in, (‘Choose a seat not a side’ signs, etc) that this would still be a fun stylistic announcement. Same idea: kindly inform the guests “For your viewing pleasure, we have hired a professional photographer to glue a camera to their face so you don’t have to. Be respectful of our memories, and be a part of them.”

3. Announcement by the Officiant

This has also been going on with cellphones and pagers (I leave my pager at home now) being more common accessories already, just include that the cameras should be stored away…Or at the very least to remain in your seat. (oh man, those aisle jumpers are tough to battle sometimes)

Let me extend one final olive branch…

I know this will be tough to do, and we can’t expect this situation to just go away. It’s understandable that people want to apply their own EarlyBird filter to your first dance and hashtag the daylights out of it. That’s oooookkkay.  At least by using these few little tidbits, there is a fighting chance. Cameras won’t jump out in the aisle for the first kiss, all group shots are done so quick without distractions, and moms & pops get to sit back to enjoy the entire night with your guests.


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Being a wedding photographer is all about problem solving and using what’s available…even IF it’s the flash of a guests camera!



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