Photography Class – Camera Basics + Camera Basics Applications

Just get a new camera and don’t know how to use it?

Got a camera awhile ago and still can’t handle the manual?

Wish there was an easier way to learn how to take better pictures?

Then you should attend Camera Basics, a photography class for the beginner presented by Lovato Images. Finally! A simple class system to help you get over those hard hurdles that no one has bothered to help you with before! Learn what all those buttons do and when to use them. Learn how to explore your camera and utilize all its functions. Learn how to learn!

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In the Camera Basics class we cover the following topics:

• Aperture
• Shutter Speed
• Focal Length
• File Sizes
• Formatting

• Program
• Auto
• Portrait
• Macro
• Sports
• Night
• Shutter Priority
• Aperture Priority
• Manual
• Flash
• Macro/Infinity
• Continuous/Timer
• Display
• Menu Adjustments

• Camera Necessities
• Storage
• Archiving
• Travel



$67 Camera Basics, 90 minute seminar, 6pm February 28, Rotary Room – Orange Public Library (407 E Chapman Avenue Orange 92866)

THEN be sure to sign up for the Camera Basics App workshop, a hands-on workshop designed to take the information learned in the Camera Basics class and apply it while shooting! A 75-minute group shooting session. Bring your camera and your new knowledge and learn-by-doing!

$37 Camera Basics App, 75 minute workshop, 3:45pm March 4, Orange Circle ($67 for new students who have not yet attended Camera Basics, $37 for return students only)

This class and application workshop are designed to help you better understand photography, your camera and how to take better pictures. Though this particular set of classes might not be for you or your level, perhaps our next one, Photography Basics is. Keep in touch and if you can, join us! Let’s learn together!

Call to register today! 714.420.3330

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