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Last year I added an important element into my portrait work: the viewing session.

The viewing session is a meeting that takes place a week or two after the portrait session where we go over the images together. It can be difficult narrowing so many (fabulous) photos down on your own for many reasons: too many (awesome) shots to choose from, lack of ideas on what to do with your favorites, lack of understanding on the options and mostly just taking the time to take care of it all. Life is so crammed with this and that and then more of it piled on top; the viewing session is time set aside to help me help you take care of one of your to-do’s.

The viewing session also helps us relive the portrait session and your story that it tells, then we collaborate on the best way to relive it again and again. Sometimes it’s just a few 5×7’s for a few frames or a couple 8×10’s for the wall, sometimes it’s a beautiful canvas to hang in the family room and other times it’s a book for the coffee table. You can select a few prints to blend in with what you’ve already got goin’ on or select one to stand on its own. Whatever your story holds, this viewing session helps us figure out the best way to tell it with your images and to get it done before the years fly by.

Here’s two of my fave portrait sesh subjects’ walls adorned with Lovato Images. Viewing session print picking productivity in action.


family photographyPINMEfamily photographyPINME


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