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I was supposed to do a family portrait session Sunday night with Buzz and his brother, Woody. Their parents decided they needed family photography as soon as they discovered Buzz’s lymphoma was as advanced as it was; the sweet Weimaraner would not live much longer. But Sunday afternoon I got a tearful call from Buzz’s mom that he wasn’t doing so good. Hopefully he’ll be better in the morning and we can do the family portraits Monday night.

But Monday morning didn’t bring progress with it, so they took Buzz to the vet to lay him down for the last time.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, and sift through the images we were fortunate to capture last week when I met them at the dog park. Four year olds Buzz and Woody were brothers and partners from the start. They were the perfect pair and their parents seemed to worry more for Woody than for themselves.

But from any position it is awful to lose a family member. I’m just glad I was able to document a few of Buzz’s last moments as the energetic, happy dog he was. This experience has inspired me to do more work with families who are saying goodbye to a beloved canine. More information to come there.

To Buzz and Woody’s parents, may Buzz’s love continue to hold onto you during this difficult time. May his memory be eternal.


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