On Finding Inspiration at Home and On Missing it in Rome

Sometimes inspiration comes easy. I hear it in the wind rustling the branches outside my office door, I see it in the hot afternoon light that beams through my transparent curtains, I feel it in the morning chill that greets my bed pressed skin as I head across my back patio to work at 7am.

Other times inspiration eludes me. I miss it as I scurry from bus to train to city block in the city that never sleeps. I miss it while dancing in a sea of white cloaked Nicaraguans on the Pacific’s edge. I miss it as I hustle around Rome’s cobblestone streets wondering what I’m to do next.

Most times, inspiration reveals itself to me at exactly the right time. I may feel like I have writer’s block or like I’m lacking in entrepreneurial direction or that the negative is fighting too hard for control. But when I’m ready, my mind opens and the inspiration comes flooding in. I wish I was always ready, but life comes at you in waves, and you’ve got to ride with it as you can.

Anyway. I’ve been back from my last inspiration drenched journey a few weeks now, and I’ve yet to sit down with the images I shot abroad to play. The State side inspiration has been mocking me at this dry desk since my return. But you all keep asking to see. So I’ll work on riding that wave for you soon…

italy wedding photographyPINME

*image taken near Piazza Navona, Roma, Italia, October 2011


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  • October 15, 2012 - 5:42 am

    Abs - This photograph reminds me of pictures from long ago, it looks aged and soaked in history… very nice!

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