Steve Jobs Changed the World

Steve Jobs died today and I can’t help but mourn the loss.

You all know his story. Sharp and driven kid quits college and starts business in garage, soon thereafter to become 25-year-old millionaire. Then to be fired from his own company. To start another. Eventually leading him back to the original fruits of his labor and putting him on top as CEO and visionary of quite possibly the greatest tech company in the world. I’d say so anyway. It’s definitely my favorite.

I’ve been using Apple products for as long as I’ve been able. Apple’s always been my preference and the wheels and wings their products have given me to launch my business, my passion and my life have provided more momentum and flights than most else. The Macintosh computer was born the same year as I was and when I discovered that years ago, I felt a stronger connection to the computer that I loved so much. But this isn’t about me…

Or maybe it is. Maybe I just want to use my voice to express my gratitude to such an innovative and inspirational man. He lived the dream, man. He had ideas and he made them happen. He thought ahead of the curve and rolled out beyond it. He changed the way the world works for the better. We all work better because of him and it is my hope that his colleagues will continue on his path in creating more grand goodness to follow. It is my hope that I can follow too.

Steve Jobs changed the world. And the world is quiet tonight as we honor his years and pray for peace at his passing.

Steve JobsPINMEPHOTO CREDIT: (Tony Avelar/AFP/Getty)

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