Video is where it’s at! OC Web Spotz

OC WEB SPOTZ! Get into it!

My friend Mike McCaleb (videographer and director extraordinaire of Mission Visual) has developed a new business off shoot (woot!) to help service businesses like yours and mine by implementing video onto your sites and throughout the web to help spread your message and drive more traffic your way. Video’s where it’s at, man, and if you’re in need of some help there, Mike’s OC Web Spotz is totally the way to go.

The videographer comes to you and your place of business, shoots an interview with you, details of your work and puts it together in a short video that can be used to market everywhere on the web. You do know that YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine, right? So if you haven’t started to build a presence there, contact OC Web Spotz today.

Okay I’m getting off my pitching post, but seriously, I referred OC Web Spotz to a realtor client of mine to do slideshows of his properties (shot by yours truly, of course) and he and his own clients are thrilled. It not only makes him look more professional and pulled together to his own clients (the buyers and sellers), but it helps build a quality web presence for his business online. Here’s a sample slide show for your viewing pleasure…(some info changed for privacy)…

Here’s the link to the video on OC Web Spotz. Stay tuned for an updated Lovato Images video coming atcha soon!

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