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So whatever happened to the throwing of rice, bubbled bon voyage, running out to the limo through the crowd, great grand exit of the bride and groom after a wedding? There’s the grand entrance every time. But what about the grand exit???

I understand that times have changed. I understand that certain traditions don’t hold the same meaning as they once did and some couples would rather dance til the sun comes up with their friends than rush off after the cake’s been served. The exit might not be as important as it was before.

Here’s the thing though, whatever once was, it still remains that the whole wedding celebration is to honor the bride and groom and their union and their new life together. So why shouldn’t we line up and waive and cheer and throw fun stuff at them to wish them off well?

I’ve shot three weddings now in the Midwest and at every one of them, the wedding guests have rocked this tradition. Throwing things at a newly married couple is actually a very old tradition that dates back to ancient Rome (heyo!) and Egypt. The custom is intended to give newlyweds good luck and the items thrown are intended to represent fertility and abundance.

So come on planning brides and grooms: let’s work that cool event back into your celebration! Schedule a time to leave, and let it be before most of your guests. For those of you that know me, you know I’d prefer to rock the dance floor til the music stops but let’s have some fun and send our newlyweds off with style…by throwing stuff at them to wish them the best!

Here’s Julia and Matt running to their car at the end of their wedding on Saturday, shot by yours truly, for the fricken fabulous Robb Davidson Photography of Wheaton.

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