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A few people have noticed my absence here and have requested I get back in the saddle. I have to admit, I’ve been pretty spread thin the last several weeks and blogging has not been making it on my to-do lists. Beyond the recent busy-ness though, sometimes I just struggle with writer’s block and facing these blank blog pages can be formidable.

Usually I love to write and blogging is not only a fun creative task but also an edifying one when the things I share affect others positively. That’s a huge part of why I’m here, you know. To share the Light.

A friend said something to me the other day that made me worry less about writing here, and focus more on just sharing images: ‘What I love about you is you dont have to write to tell a story–your pictures do that for you. In a way most authors couldn’t ever come close to that via spilled ink.’

To which I responded: ‘I often struggle to use ink in an eloquent enough way to describe the way I feel or what was experienced, and I’ve always thought it was because I’m not good enough at writing. You’re right though, my visual story telling can be breathtaking sometimes, just looking at all that emotion wrapped up in one tiny frame tells so much. But it’s more of God’s glory than any artistry I might apply…He gives it to us so good; I’m just the one lucky enough to be there to capture the moment.’

So get ready for some moments, people. I’m ready to share.


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a captured moment in Rome, Italy, working abroad, October 2011
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