Photography Tip | Avoid Blurry Shots with your Cell Phone Camera

‘The best camera is the one that’s on you,’ says Chase Jarvis, and for most of us these days, that’s our cell phone camera.

At this point most cell phone cameras have completely automatic exposures. This means that all you can do is point and shoot and hope it turns out. Often these automatic exposures have long shutter speeds in order to let more light in, for instance, indoors or at night time and it can result in a fuzzy or blurry image. Sometimes it can look cool but usually we don’t like that, do we!

To help negate the camera shake that creates those blurry shots, find ways to steady your hands and consequently, the camera. There are a number of ways to do this, so I’ll just give you a few ideas, but the point is to get creative with your surroundings…

If you are sitting at a table, always always rest your wrists on the table or elbows if you need to hold the camera higher:photography tipsPINME

Often lower angles are better, so try squatting and resting your arms on your legs:

photography tips and tricksPINME

If you’re shooting close to a subject (like food at dinner or an interesting broken potted plant ::eye roll::), rest your fingers on a nearby surface or the subject itself:

photography tips and tricksPINME

Always use a support to lean your body on like a wall or beam when it’s available:

photography tips and tricksPINME


Seemingly small and easy things to do, but they make such a difference! Remember, the more steady your hand, the more steady the shot!

Happy Shooting! 🙂
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