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Would you change?

I sit here today, listening to the rain tap outside my window, and I find myself swept back to the same sound that


I think it’s easy to look at all the fluff and fantasy through social media these days and experience feelings of

Kestan Community Feature

Wow the last six months have been insane[ly good]! I am notorious for taking on more than I can chew, and somehow


There’s something to be said about this whole superpower we photographers hold in ‘freezing time.’ I

Less me. More you.

Sometimes we’re so concerned with what’s going on in our heads that we miss the important things right in front of us.

Don’t miss it

A couple weeks ago I impulsively decided to take the day off and take my favorite little lady to our favorite beach. We

somewhere in South Texas

“Do you still do your blog?” “Are you still running your business?” “I haven’t seen

Save it for a Rainy Day

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. You resolve to do something… because it’s a fresh year?


As I sit on the edge of this year, with slippers on my feet and tangles in my hair, I wonder how I got so lucky to live

Wrapping up the year

As the dust settles from a stupendous final weekend of an over the top month, I find myself counting my blessings even


This time of year everything but slow and serene. And yet I find myself today, between scurrying and hurrying to finish

Newport Beach Garden Wedding

Sherman Library and Gardens Wedding Dale and Dave come from different backgrounds, faiths and families, as we all do.

Italy: Day Two

Watch Uffizi Drive me to Firenze? Italia 2016. Day Two. We woke up to fresh Florence air coming through the open window

Italy: Day One

So many of you have asked about my trip to Italy earlier this summer, and I feel it’s best to just tell you in

A lovely little taste of Toskana

You guys. I want to tell you a little story about a ‘walk’ my partner and I took the day after my brother’s destination